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Current Beer Offerings

Batch 10 Dunkelweizen

If you like wheat beers you are going to love this one. This malt forward beer has all the taste of a dark beer with a crisp finish.

ABV - 5.5% IBU - 15

1/6BBL - $60.00 1/2BBL - $160.00

Big Juicy Hazy Grapefruit IPA

The name says it all.

ABV - 4.8% IBU - 69

1/6BBL - $60.00 1/2BBL - $160.00

Ken's Hillbilly Highlander

This Wee Heavy Scottish Ale is amazing. Big malt forward characteristics coupled with a high final gravity balance out this sweet malty beer.

ABV - 8.9% IBU - 18

1/6BBL - $100.00

R&D Crispy Creamer

This Classic American Cream Ale is crisp and light with a clean finish. We fresh hopped this batch with Centennial hops grown right on property.

ABV - 5.3% IBU - 20

1/6BBL - $60.00 1/2BBL - $160.00

Ridgefield Red Ale

Our deep dark red is defiantly an acquired taste. This is one of the heaviest reds we have ever made and it shows when its poured.

ABV - 6.5% IBU - 25

1/6BBL - $60.00 1/2BBL - $160.00

Ruby Sue  

This is a crisp and clean beer that is packed full of raspberry's to give it a invigorating fruity taste that you are sure to love. 

ABV - 4.7% IBU - 20

1/6BBL - $60.00 1/2BBL - $160.00

Tropical Ginger Zinger Seltzer

Passion, Orange and Guava and Ginger come together to make this amazing brew.

ABV - 4.6% IBU - 0

1/6BBL - $60.00 1/2BBL - $160.00

Working Class Wheat

What can we say about this one. We just love wheat beers and this one is no exception. Try it for yourself and you be the judge.

ABV - 3.1% IBU - 18

1/6BBL - $60.00 1/2BBL - $160.00