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A Message from Us

We are sorry to report that we will be closing our tasting room for an undetermined time frame.

We will keep you informed as we move forward.

If you have any questions please reach out to us.  

IF it wasn't for our fantastic customer's non of this would be worth it.

About Us

Hillbilly Brewing Company is a family owned and operated beer brewing company located on three acres just south of Ridgefield WA.  We started out like many of the North Bank Brewers.  Just your ordinary home brewer who's hobby got a little carried away.  That included becoming fully licensed, upgrading our 10 gal system to a 5 BBL system (just in case your wondering our system is still to small), to renovating the lower half of a 1940's barn for our production facility and tasting room.  Yes that does mean that at some point we would love for you to come visit us.  Details coming soon.  Along this journey to open a brewery we have meet some extraordinary people.  From the Craft beer lovers that are excited just to try our product to fellow brewers who will help you with anything from unloading kegs at a brew fest to recipe suggestions.  Along our path these things have assured us that we chose the right business to be in.  Because at the end of the day its about people.

Hours of Operation

Monday - By Appointment

Tuesday - By Appointment

Wednesday - By Appointment

Thursday- By Appointment

Friday - By Appointment

Saturday - By Appointment

Sunday - By Appointment

OK we have news.  Click on the events tab to see our up dates

We miss you!